Word of Mouth

3 x 30 min, audio (1987)
Winner: “Best Arts & Cultural Programming” (Golden Reel). National Federation of Community Broadcasters.

National distribution on 75 public radio stations. This three-part series on storytelling asks psychologists, professional storytellers, performance artists, writers, preachers, lawyers, and others: Why Do People Tell Stories?, Where Do Stories Come From?, and, Who Is Telling Stories Today?

“Talking out loud involves communication – the very nature of community is strengthened by it; silence is like a closed door. I think when stories are not told, something happens to us. Stories, they’re like bread and wine, they’re essential to us.”
— STUDS TERKEL, writer, Chicago, Ill.

Thanks to Spencer Herzog at Creative Sound Concepts, we have recently digitally re-mastered this award-winning, 3-part radio series about storytelling.