Who’s That Stranger?

29 min. (2007).
Winner: Audience Award, Rome (GA) International Film Festival

Screened at Atlanta Film festival. At 95, Kasper ‘Stranger’ Malone holds the Guinness World Record for the longest recording career in history (1926-2005). As the baby boomers prepare to retire, this film presents an inspiring picture of vitality from someone who simply kept working, 30 years beyond retirement.

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Seeing Color: Object, Light, & Observer

30 min, HDTV video (2002) National Gallery of Art

Produced for the National Gallery, this 30 minute video created for high school and college students, explores how painter’s use color. Featuring National Gallery curators and restorers, contemporary painters Sean Scully and Sam Gilliam, and a host of others.

Will the Circle be Unbroken?

26 x 30 min, audio (1997) Southern Regional Council
Winner: 1997 Non-Print Media Award (Oral History Association), NFCB Golden Reel: “Best National News & Current Affairs Programming” (National Federation of Community Broadcasters), 1998 George Foster Peabody Award.

The Peabody award-winning, 26-part Public Radio series produced in conjunction with the Southern Regional Council. Distributed on over 250 public radio stations nationwide.  (National reviews). A personal history of the civil rights movement in five southern cities and the music of those times.

Goin’ to Chicago

70 min, 16mm, color (1994/2001) George King & Associates
Winner:Cine Golden Eagle, National PBS broadcast 2001.

2001 national PBS broadcast.

In the twentieth century more than 5 million African Americans journeyed from the cotton fields and Jim Crow justice of the rural South to the promise of a better life in the industrial cities of the North and West. Goin’ to Chicago tells the story of why people left, where they went, and what happened to them.

Goin’ to Chicago website

Ten Thousand Points of Light

30 min, video (1991/2011) Velvet Video
Winner: Atlanta Film & Video Festival, Charlotte Film & Video Festival

A voyage into southern suburban gothic, this homage to the art of Christmas lights and Elvis becomes so much more. Turn up the chroma.

The 20th Anniversary Edition DVD of Ten Thousand Points of Light, the underground hipster’s Xmas classic is now available for the first time. It features a new music score, interview updates with the family, a commentary, and more! To purchase online go to: http://www.dust-digital.com/light

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Learning to Change

30 min, video (1990) Southern Regional Council
Local PBS and cable broadcasts

The principals of public schools that received the Department of Education’s designation as ‘schools of excellence’ discuss their strategies for success.

You Can’t Judge a Book by Looking at the Cover

30 min, video (1987) George King & Assoc.
Winner: Atlanta Film & Video Festival.

Regional PBS broadcast. A video on the working process of New Orleans’ writer/performer John O’Neal–an artist in dialogue with concepts of “community” and social change. Through a mythical character, Junebug Jabbo Jones, O’Neal works the corners of African American history, translating wit and folk wisdom into theater.

Word of Mouth

3 x 30 min, audio (1987)
Winner: “Best Arts & Cultural Programming” (Golden Reel). National Federation of Community Broadcasters.

National distribution on 75 public radio stations. This three-part series on storytelling asks psychologists, professional storytellers, performance artists, writers, preachers, lawyers, and others: Why Do People Tell Stories?, Where Do Stories Come From?, and, Who Is Telling Stories Today?

“Talking out loud involves communication – the very nature of community is strengthened by it; silence is like a closed door. I think when stories are not told, something happens to us. Stories, they’re like bread and wine, they’re essential to us.”
— STUDS TERKEL, writer, Chicago, Ill.

Thanks to Spencer Herzog at Creative Sound Concepts, we have recently digitally re-mastered this award-winning, 3-part radio series about storytelling.

Notes From Nicaragua

30 min, video (1986) Pegajosa Productions
Winner: “Best Public Affairs Documentary” National Federation of Local Cable Programmers.

Regional PBS broadcast. A music video travelogue through post-revolutionary Nicaragua featuring musician Elise Witt & the Small Family Orchestra.

“We were curious to explore conflicting stories we had read and had heard on the radio, television, and in talking to people who’d been to Nicaragua.” Ms. Witt says, “We wanted to bring back a picture of the people of Nicaragua to people of the United States.

Read the full Atlanta Journal-Constitution article here.

Changing Decades

22 min, video (1984) Southern Regional Council

A brief investigation into what young Americans know about the history of the civil rights movement.