george-kingGeorge King & Associates is an ad hoc group of filmmakers producing non-fiction films, television, and radio programs for public broadcasting, cable networks, and screenings at community venues.

In addition, we also produce informational and educational media for commercial and nonprofit clients. Clients include: Target, Turner Original Productions (TBS), Alzheimer’s Association, National Voting Rights Institute, Neighborhood Housing Services, American Civil Liberties Union, American Friends Service Committee, National Lawyer’s Guild, Southern Regional Council, United Methodist Church, Voter Education Project, UNITE, Alternate ROOTS, Smithsonian Institute, State of California, United Way of the Bay Area, Rockefeller Foundation, Center for Documentary Studies, and National Gallery of Art.

The company has experience in distribution via satellite, direct mail and national press campaigns, as well as working with distributors, marketing and public relations companies–An example was the supervision of the national marketing and promotion of Will The Circle Be Unbroken? (which included appearances on nationally-broadcast talk shows including CNN, a feature article in the New York Times, and significant coverage in major newspapers including L.A. Times, Chicago Tribune, Boston Globe, Washington Post, and The Christian Science Monitor. The company also has experience reaching local, regional, and national audiences, and niche marketing to targeted rural, low income, and African American audiences.

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